​Dance at COS is Thriving!

Upcoming Events:

Performance Opportunities

At the end of each semester there is a Dance concert performed in the college’s beautiful theater. All students will be able to take part in the exciting, fearful but ultimately fun experience, of performing in front of a large audience.

Throughout the year, small groups of dancers have the opportunity to perform at COS, school activities, football and basketball games, competitions, with the Tulare County Symphony, and at many other venues.

  • Dance at COS features ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, funk, rhythm, tap, and more.
  • Auditions for the COS Cheer and Stunt Team are in late spring.
  • All dance classes are one unit with credit towards Physical Education or Theater Arts.

Come experience the fun, the people, get the exercise, and get involved!

Contact Us:

Linda Amaral
Dance Director

Types of Classes:
Recommended for anyone interested in learning body control, stretching and strengthening, proper body positions, and terminology. This is a must for all that truly want to dance!
Modern Dance
Creative movement that derives from the breath and energy of the dancer's body. This class explores how man moves through time, space, and energy.  The sound of world music makes dancing very fun in this class.
The study of how to create dance phrases using different style, forms and theories.
Beginning Jazz
Contemporary dance of today, for any and every one! this is the study of current trends
in dance. Learn the latest moves, plus how to turn, spin and jump. NO experience necessary.

Advanced Jazz
This class is for the experienced dancer.  The class moves at an accelerated speed emphasizing Lyrical dance forms. Dancers must demonstrate a high skill level of spins, leaps, and turns.

Tap Dancing
One of the most popular dance classes. Students learn how to pound out the beat with the best of them. NO dance experience necessary.

Music Theater
This is a great opportunity to perform in a full scale Broadway-type show. This course is offered in the spring semester only with 8 performances during the end of March.

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