101 Games for Trainers
A Collection of the Best Activities from Creative Training Techniques Newsletter |

These classroom-tested games, exercises and activities add spark and energy to your training sessions and help adults really learn without even knowing it.
Included are games for improving communication skills, developing conflict resolution skills, breaking the ice, creating team players, and more.

Authors: Bob Pikewith Christopher Busse
Publisher: Lakewood Books, 1995
Format: Book, paperback, 108 pages
101 More Games for Trainers
Another Collection of the Best Activities from Creative Training Techniques Newsletter
Now Bob Pike brings you 101 More Games for Trainers . This is your sourcebook for engaging participants while they are in your classroom.

You'll find dozens of games, exercises and activities specifically designed to: bring a weary group back to life; lead an audience through a spirited, comprehensive review session; break the ice and grab participants` attention, and more.
Fully Reproducible Material

Authors: Bob Pikewith Christopher Busse
Publisher: Lakewood Books, 1995
Format: Book, paperback, 105 pages
All New Tricks for Trainers
57 Tricks and Techniques to Grab and Hold the Attention of Any Audience...and Get Magical Results

This collection of new training tricks from master magician and trainer of trainers Dave Arch contains proven magic tricks, brainteasers and puzzlers that will amaze your audience, get and hold your audience's attention, energize, retain learning, and much more. Covers: teamwork, quality, customer service, goal-setting, leadership, motivation, and creative problem-solving.

Author: Dave Arch, with a forward by Bob Pike
Publisher: Recommended Resources, 1998
Format: Book, paperback, 153 pages
Creative Training Techniques Handbook
Tips, Tactics, and How-To`s for Delivering Effective Training

This complete collection of training tips, tactics and how-tos will show you the eight steps to proper presentation preparation, how to customize training to your audience, and how to keep learners motivated both during and after the training session. This second edition includes a comprehensive resource guide, activity sheets, transparencies, outlines, detachable index cards, and more. An invaluable resource for delivering cost-effective, high-impact training.

Selected Contents Creative Genesis Learner Motivation Group Involvement Customizing Training Closing the Circle Presentation Preparation Visual Aids Creative Materials Presentation Techniques Creating Effective Resource Materials

Robert W. Pike, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
Publisher: HRD Press, 3rd Edition, 2003
Format: Book, hardback, 304 pages
Dealing with Difficult Participants
127 Practical Strategies for Minimizing Resistance and Maximizing Results in Your Presentations

If you deal with difficult participants in your training sessions, you know the destructive effect they can have on their own learning, as well as on the group's learning process. This helpful guide book provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with almost any difficult participant.
You'll learn first how to identify the types of difficult participants, and then how to decide which technique (127 in all) is best suited for dealing with that individual. Finally, you'll learn the steps of each technique and how to achieve maximum results.

Learn to deal with "difficult participant" types such as: The Latecomer The Preoccupied The Introvert The Domineering . . . and more!
Don't let difficult participants get the best of you. Maximize the learning potential in all your training sessions with Dealing with Difficult Participants!

Author: Bob Pike, CSP, and Dave Arch
Illustrator: Candance Hiatt
Publisher: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer - Creative Training Techniques Press, 1997
Format: Book, paperback, 117 pages
Quantum Teaching

‚ÄčOrchestrating student success

Based on 18 years of experience and research with over 25,000 students- plus the synergy of hundreds of teachers worldwide- Quantum Teaching is the orchestration of learning...in living color... in "surround sound," and with the nuances. Just as masterful symphony conductor brings out the best from every musician, from every instrument and even from the concert hall, Quantum teaching shows you how to orchestrate your students' success... by taking into account everything in the classroom- every word, thought, action, association, and individual- along with the environment, the design of the curriculum, and how it's presented. The result: a highly effective way to teach anything to anybody!  

Author: Bobbi DePorter, Mark Reardon, Sarah Singer-Nourie
Publisher: Allyn and Bacon
Format: Paperback Book, 230 Pages

Teach with Style
A Comprehensive System for Teaching Adults
Teach With Style presents a simple, coherent, and easy-to-use method for teaching adults based on the ways that adults learn best.

The Teach with Style shows instructors how to succeed at teaching adults by using four distinct instructor styles: Systematic, Stimulating, Spontaneous, and Safe. Each style encompasses five strategies, allowing educators to adapt the methods to their specific needs.

Teach with Style will help both beginning and advanced instructors promote adult learning, while encouraging both instructors and students to change and grow in the classroom.

Author: Jim Teeters
Publisher: Redleaf Press, 2001
Format: Book, paperback, 156 pages
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