Addiction: New Knowledge, New Treatments, New Hope

Why Can't They Just Stop?
The feature-length documentary film ADDICTION is the centerpiece of the Addiction project. Bringing together the nation's leading experts with award- winning filmmakers, it consists of nine separate segments, including: "Saturday Night in a Dallas ER," by Jon Alpert; "A Mother's Desperation," by Susan Froemke and Albert Maysles; "The Science of Relapse," by Eugene Jarecki and Susan Froemke; "The Adolescent Addict," by Kate Davis and David Heilbroner; "Brain Imaging," by Liz Garbus and Rory Kennedy; "Opiate Addiction: A New Medication," by D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus; "Topiramate: A Clinical Trial for Alcoholism," by Alan and Susan Raymond; "Steamfitters Local Union 638," by Barbara Kopple; and "Insurance Woes," by Susan Froemke.

Produced by: HBO Documentary Films, 2007
Format: 4 DVD Set; HBO Documentary Presentation: 90 minutes; Supplemental Series: 5+ Hours

Addiction: The Adolescent Addict
The adolescent brain is not fully developed, making a young person extremely vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction. Co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression are typically present with adolescent addicts. It is stressed that identifying and treating these problems, as well as the addiction, are crucial. Experts discuss how families can deal with the challenging dynamics of an addicted adolescent while at the same time seeking the right treatment. For some teen substance abusers, the structure of long-term residential treatment is necessary. While not new, this therapeutic community approach has evolved and softened its confrontational roots.

Produced by: HBO Productions, 2007; Packaged by Films for the Humanities, 2008
Format: DVD, 30 minutes

Another Chance

Hope Health for the Alcoholic Family
Takes the reader behind the defensive walls on an alcoholic family and discusses the roles played in the family: The Enabler, the Hero, the Scapegoat, the Lost Child, the Mascot, and the Dependent. The second part of the book describes a treatment program that can interrupt the relentless downward spiral of alcoholism before all is lost, and puts families on the road to recovery.

Author: Sharon Wegscheider
Publisher: Science Behavior Books, Inc., 1981
Format: Book, hardcover, 253 pages

Codependent No More

How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself
An expert guide to achieving serenity for codependents who want to take care of themselves. Provides an overview on codependency, details its characteristics, where the behavior comes from, and how it affects us and those around us. Discusses several options to controlling behavior and helps us understand that letting go will set us free.

Author: Melody Beattie
Publisher: A Harper Row, 1987
Format: Book, paperback, 216 pages

Coming Down:

The Aftermath of Doing Drugs

Whether they know it or not, drug addicts must eventually face a choice: detox, dysfunction, or death. What is life really like for young abusers trying to leave their drug habits behind? In this program, teenagers speak out about the devastating and long-lasting emotional effects that substance abuse has had on their lives. Dramatizations combined with the harsh facts of addiction underscore the dangers of drug abuse.

Produced by:Meridian Education, 1996
Format: Video, 20 minutes

Dangerous Party Drugs

"Party drugs" are nothing to play with. Many of them are frighteningly lethal, while others can produce profound brain or organ damage. Learn about the drugs that are most in vogue on the club circuit and at "raves." Important information about Ecstasy, 2C-B, Rohypnol, GHB, Ketamine, psilocybin mushrooms, and Fry is provided in a straightforward, no-nonsense presentation. Understand the dire consequences of experimenting with these illegal substances.

Publisher: Educational Video Network, 2001
Format: Video, 32 minutes

Drugs, Kids & Schools

Practical Strategies for Educators and Other Concerned Adults
Provides resources and strategies you need to cope -- from a complete background on the social roots of drug use to practical approaches to understanding and communicating about drugs and decision-making. This is a complete resource, full of practical things you can do to help.

Author: Diane Jane Tessler
Publisher:Scott, Foresman Co., 1980
Format: Book, paperback, 190 pages

Drugs: Profiles of Addiction & Recovery

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease—chronic, progressive, and fatal if left untreated. This informative three-part series, featuring true stories told by recovering addicts and insightful commentary by law enforcement professionals and counselors, describes the miseries of substance abuse and methods of overcoming addiction.

Produced by: Films for the Humanities Sciences, 1998
Format: 3-part series (VHS), 25 minutes each.


Research shows that when kids hear over and over from their parents that drug use is simply unacceptable- that "we expect you to be drug-free" - the result is a child four times less likely to use drugs. Having those conversations with your kids about smoking or drinking isn't easy. No matter what they've already heard in school about teens, drugs and alcohol, you're going to sound "uncool."
Here's help. Gateway shares the real-life stories of good kids from loving families who know first-hand about the dangers of teenagers and drugs. Friends since they were seven years old, both tried drugs in the eighth grade and one ended up a full-blown addict. You'll also get expert advice to help you understand what children face each day, and how to teach them the facts about drug use.

Produced by: Connect With Kids, 2007
Format: DVD, unknown running time; Resource Guide

Just Once

The Dangers of Methamphetamine
Just Once features true stories about crystal meth addiction from kids like yours - an honor student with a full scholarship to college who tried meth once and in six months became an addict and a jailed felon. A teen who went blind "cooking" meth at home. Each year, 12 million kids try meth and, according to Narcotics Police Officer Jason Grellner, "we don't have many success stories of people getting off of it until their lives are completely ruined."

The stories and the realities are frightening. Just Once is not about scaring our children. It's about teaching them, warning them, guiding them.

Produced by: Connect With Kids, 2007
Format: DVD, unknown running time; Resource Guide

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