A Basic Course in American Sign Language

​This book features nearly 1000 vocabulary items illustrations brief explanations and examples of some basic structures of American Sign Language. It includes exercises for the student to practice these structures.

Authors: Tom Humphries, Carol Padden, and Terrence J. O'Rourke
Publisher: TJ Publishers, 1986; 25th Printing: September 2012
Format: Book, Spiral Bound, 194 pages

American Sign Language Dictionary

​For more than ten years, this bestselling reference has been a terrific resource for instructors, students, and users of American Sign Language. Now, this completely revised edition has been updated with the most recent vocabulary and signs. Features include:

  • over 4,500 signs
  • complete descriptions of each sign. plus full-torso illustrations
  • thousands of cross references
  • alternate signs for the same meaning, plus different signs for different meanings of the same word


Author: Elaine Costello, PhD
Publisher: Random House, Inc.
Format: Paperback Book, 583 pages

American Sign Language Phrase Book

​You can easily learn ASL with help from The American Sign Language Phrase Book. With more than 500 phrases, this is the reference guide to everyday expressions in American Sign Language, providing a quick way for you to converse with deaf people.

Clearly illustrated with hundreds of line drawings, this book focuses on areas such as health, family, school, sports, travel, religion, time, money, food and drink, and small talk. This edition's new chapter on technology boasts 50 phrases to help you communicate about the Internet, computing, video relay, and more. There is even a chapter that gives you phrases for communicating about signing: asking people to sign slower, indicating your fingerspelling ability, and requesting help with your fledgling skills.
From asking simple questions (“How are you?”) to more complex phrases (“There's no sign for that, you have to fingerspell it.”), The American Sign Language Phrase Book gives you the power to communicate easily and comfortably in ASL.

Authors: Lou Fant and Barbara Bernstein Fant; Illustrations by Betty G. Miller
Publisher: McGraw Hill, 2011
Format: Book, paperback, 366 pages; DVD, 2 hours
Children with Disabilities
This comprehensive textbook gives students in any discipline extensive coverage of the developmental, clinical, educational, family, and intervention issues they’ll face in their work with children with disabilities. They`ll explore the beginning of life from conception to infancy, including factors in each stage that can cause disability; learn about child development, including physical development and preventable threats; go in-depth on specific developmental disabilities they`ll likely encounter; and find guidelines on conducting interventions, managing outcomes, and working with families.

This classic text includes learning objectives, case stories, a glossary of key terms, and appendices about medications and syndromes inborn errors of metabolism. Plus its FREE Course Companion Web Site — featuring links for each chapter, PowerPoint slides, new case studies, and study guides — cements this as the perfect text for any class!
New to this edition: Every chapter peer reviewed and extensively updated; Expanded coverage of educational issues and interventions across chapters; and New chapters devoted to special education, early intervention, and sports, exercise, and recreation.

Author: Mark L. Batshaw, M.D.
Publisher: Brookes Publishing, 2002
Format: Book, hard cover, 815 pages
Creative Play Activities for Children with Disabilities
A Resource Book for Teachers and Parents
In this book you will discover 250 games and activities designed to help infants to 8-year-olds with all types of disabilities grow through play. Many activities describe special adaptations for physically, visually, and hearing impaired children and for emotionally and mentally handicapped children.
Each chapter focuses on a particular "world," or activity theme. Themes include exploring the world of the senses; active games with rolling, crawling, walking, and more; building and creating; imaginative outdoor fun and water play; music play; and group games and activities.

Each activity lists detailed directions, needed equipment, the activity's benefits, and any possible adaptations for children with particular disabilities.
Creative Play Activities for Children With Disabilities is the only book to emphasize the continuity between home and program activities by addressing both the concerns of parents guiding their children's activities at home and the issues faced by educators in program settings.

Developed in conjunction with the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation, these creative play activities will help confidence and self-esteem blossom as young children meet success in activities that are fun.

Authors: Lisa Rappoport Morris and Linda Schulz
Developed by the Joseph P Kennedy, Jr. Foundation
Publisher: Human Kinetics Book, Second Edition, 1991
Format: Book, paperback,217 pages
Developmental Disabilities and Child Welfare
This book addresses common misconceptions about developmental disabilities, describes the conditions child welfare workers are most likely to see, provides examples of effective interventions, and stresses the importance of early intervention to promote healthy development.

Authors: Ronald C. Hughes and Judith S. Rycus
Publisher: CWLA Press, 1998
Format: Book, paperback, 134 pages
Down Syndrome

The First 18 Months

​Woodbine House is very pleased to bring you this DVD filled with adorable images of babies with Down syndrome, inspiring stories of parents, and practical information from the leading Down syndrome experts. DOWN SYNDROME: The First 18 Months is a reassuring and realistic introduction to the unique joys and challenges that children with Down syndrome bring to their families during the critical first 18 to 24 months of life.

Will Schermerhorn was inspired to make this DVD after his son with Down syndrome was born and he observed his wife's relentless pursuit of information that would comfort and empower. He interviewed thirteen leading medical and developmental experts on Down syndrome--including Woodbine House authors, Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Patricia C. Winders, P.T.--on a variety of issues covering:
Newborns: diagnosis, health care, breastfeeding, heart defects
Health Concerns: parent-professional relationships, ear, nose, and throat, nutrition and feeding, dental
Therapies: language and speech therapy, physical therapy
New Expectations: the impact of having a child with Down syndrome on the family and the world
Heartwarming footage of young children with Down syndrome is interspersed with the interviews with parents and experts. Throughout, perspectives provided by veteran parents who share their joys and concerns will reassure new parents. DOWN SYNDROME: The First 18 Months is an inspiring and educational DVD for parents who want to know more, and an excellent tool for support groups, medical professionals, and libraries to support families. This DVD is in English with alternate soundtracks in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.
Written & Directed by Will Schermerhorn
Produced by Blueberry Shoes Productions, 2003, 2010
Format: DVD, 108 minutes
Including Sensory Integration for Parents
Sensory Integration Strategies at Home and School

Does your child scream at the mere mention of a haircut? Does he need all the tags cut out of his shirt, or only wear very specific textures? Is she a picky eater? Does he have poor handwriting and seem to be more clumsy than the average child?

Maybe your child has difficulty in sensory integration. Sensory integration is the ability to use the senses to make "sense" of the world around us. Sensory integration problems can create these and other problems.
This book is packed with practical ideas and tips to help a child who faces challenges with sensory integration dysfunction. It also helps to explain and define sensory integration. It is a book of ideas, strategies, and hints to help your child be successful despite the challenges of DSI. The book presents a brief overview of sensory integration dysfunction and its varied presentations. It then proceeds to offer strategies that may be helpful to accomplish everyday tasks.

Author: Jeanne Sangirardi Ganz, OTR/L, BCP
Publisher: Biographical Publishing Company, 2005
Format: Book, paperback, 203 pages
Like Any Child
Raising a Child with Down Syndrome

This video shows the many positive and enriching experiences of raising a child with Down Syndrome. Covering the period from birth through adult years, the video highlights various aspects of a child`s life--early intervention and pre-school, school, graduation, job training, and pursuing a life of independence--through interviews with parents, teachers, scout leaders, and individuals with Down Syndrome. It is far easier to see the similarities between a child with Down and his or her peers than it is to focus on the differences.

In this tape parents who are expecting their first child--a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome--relate their feelings in anticipation of the birth of their son. Later interviews reveal that many of their worries have been unsubstantiated, that they are in love with their baby, and that he is doing very well. A celebration of the human spirit, this program should be viewed by everyone who touches the lives of children with Down. The video is a collaborative effort among several state agencies in Columbus, OH and the local Down Syndrome Association.

Produced by: Kim Sheridan, Ohio Dept. of MRDD, Columbus, OH.
Format: VHS, 22 minutes
Love and Logic Solutions for Kids with Special Needs
This book is a brilliant blend of experience born from thousands of interactions with kids, their parents, and other educators, and solid, psychologically relevant research. Through hundreds of stories and examples gathered over three decades as an educator, Dave gives a clear picture of special needs kids for who they are, not for who we are afraid they might be.

Author: David Funk
Publisher: The Love Logic Press, 2002
Format: Book, paperback, 246
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