A Child`s Journey Through Placement
Vera Fahlberg, M.D., has spent her career working with children whose major problems are attachment disorders and with the professionals who work with such children. In "A Child`s Journey Through Placement," Dr. Fahlberg provides the foundation, resources, and tools which will help professionals, parents, and others who care to support children for whom the journey through placement becomes a part of the road to adulthood.

Author: Vera Fahlberg, M.D.
Publisher: Perspectives Press, 1991
Format: Book, paperback, 432 pages
A Guide to California Adoption
General information regarding California Adoption.

Published by: CA Department of Social Services, 2001
Format: Booklet, 21 pages
A Home for Maisie

​Like far too many children in foster care, Maisie has suffered abuse and neglect almost all her life. She desperately wants to be adopted, but early experiences have left the 7-year-old with a vast store of anger, confusion, and distrust. Several families have tried to adopt Maisie but found her behavior too challenging, so she was bounced again and again back into the foster care system.

Maisie's luck changed when she met Jim and Sue, a couple who had already adopted eight troubled kids. With the help of an agency that specializes in counseling the most damaged children, Jim and Sue hope to help Maisie overcome her traumatic past. This film follows their journey over a one-year period, documenting the many obstacles that all three must overcome in their bid to give Maisie a home.

Produced by: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, BBC, 2011
Format: DVD, 60 minutes
A Place to Call Home
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Children’s Action Network are pleased to introduce a new, short film hosted by Henry Winkler. It features four heartwarming stories about families formed through foster care adoption — perfect for sharing with potential adoptive parents!

Hosted by: Henry Winkler
Produced by: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Format: DVD, 15 minutes
Adopting the Hurt Child
Hope for Families with Special Needs Kids

Fewer and fewer families adopting today are able to bring home a healthy newborn infant. The majority of adoptions now involve emotionally wounded, older children who have suffered the effects of abuse or neglect in their birth families and carry complex baggage with them into their adoptive families. Adopting the Hurt Child addresses the frustrations, heartache, and hope surrounding the adoptions of these special needs kids.

Author: Gregory C. Keck and Regina M. Kupecky, LSW
Publisher: Pinon Press, 1995
Format: Book, hardcover, 225 pages
Adoption Wisdom
A Guide to the Issues and Feelings of Adoption

What does it feel like to be adopted? What responsibilities do birth parents have to the children they give up for adoption? How can a person be a better adoptive parent? What do prospective adoptive parents need to know about the realities of adoptive family life?

ADOPTION WISDOM: A Guide to the Issues and Feelings of Adoption, explores the complex and emotional issues of adoption. ADOPTION WISDOM offers insight and understanding of adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents while shedding light on the dynamics of the structure of adoption.

ADOPTION WISDOM validates the feelings of those involved in adoption, prepares those who are considering adoption, and educates people about the lifelong impact of adoption. It is a must read for anyone touched by adoption and anyone who wants to know more about the realities of adoption.

The author, Marlou Russell, Ph.D., is a psychologist in private practice. Dr. Russell speaks and writes on issues of adoption for professionals, the public, and for those living with adoption. She is an adoptee in reunion with her birth family.

Author: Marlou Russell, Ph.D.
Publisher: Broken Branch Productions, 1996, 2000
Format: Book, paperback, 185 pages
After Adoption
The Needs of Adopted Youth

How do children adopted from foster care and their families fare after adoption? The good news is that the majority of children are doing well in their homes, schools, and communities. Yet many children and their families continue to struggle with the legacy of loss and maltreatment that brought them to foster care in the first place.

After Adoption: The Needs of Adopted Youth examines the experiences of more than a thousand adoptive families to find out how they are functioning years after the adoption. It analyzes the risk and resiliency factors associated with adjustment and examines differences in adoptions by kin, foster parents, and those matched with children for the purpose of adoption.

After Adoption will help child welfare professionals better prepare parents and children for adoption as well as assist them in developing post-adoption services to sustain and strengthen adoptive families.

Authors: Jeanne A. Howard and Susan Livingston Smith
Publisher: CWLA Press, 2003
Format: Book, paperback, 140 pages
Every Child is Adoptable
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption knows that every child waiting in foster care is adoptable and that every child deserves a permanent and loving family. To help all those involved in the foster care adoption experience, the Foundation has created an important new video.  "Every Child is Adoptable" presents three distinct and critical voices of foster care adoption: adopted teens, adoptive parents and the frontline adoption professionals. Listen to these voices of experience and their impact on foster care adoption.

Produced by: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Format: DVD, Teens 7:25; Parents 7:52; Social Workers 12:10.
Finding Forever Families
In the United States and Canada, thousands of children are legally freed for adoption. These children are often considered unadoptable because of their age, race, physical or emotional handicap or desire to be placed with siblings. This video dispels the myth that any child is unadoptable and provides best practices on how to recruit families for children based on the child's desires and needs.

A Child is Waiting: A Beginner's Guide to Adoption

Produced by: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Format: DVD, 34 minutes; A Child is Waiting booklet, 30 pages
Foster Care Adoption Awareness Toolkit 2008
For use during November National Adoption Awareness Month and all year long.
Research indicates a surprising number of Americans underestimate the number of children waiting for adoptive families, believe the children entered foster care because of juvenile delinquency, and do not know foster care adoption is affordable and permanent.

The CD-Rom includes: Post Adoption Resources, Media Campaign Tips, Letter to the Editor, Foster Care Adoption Fact Sheet Public, and  Service Announcements.

Produced by: Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, 2008
Format: CD-Rom; Promotion Resource Booklet; and A Child is Waiting Booklet, 31 pages
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