A Handbook for Relative Caregivers in California
Provides information on:
  • Legal Status of Relative Caregivers Dependency Rights 
  • Responsibilities Administrative Hearing Rights Statutes 
  • Summary of Programs

NOTE: The information contained in this publication is date sensitive, as laws change.

Author: Tania L. Bowman, Esq.
Publisher: Tania Bowman, 2004

Courageous Love

​For Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Instructions for creating Healing Circles for Children of Trauma

Raising grandchildren can be challenging for many reasons. Often, the children have experienced complicated family dynamics, heartbreaking loss, abuse, and neglect - all of which may affect their emotions, behavior, and development. In Courageous Love, author Laura Montane Bailey draws on both professional and personal experience to offer grandparents the hero status they deserve and the encouragement they need, to continue to fight for the lives of the grandchildren they love. This book explores the devastating impact of trauma to brain development and function, and provides instructions for helping grandchildren to experience Post Traumatic Growth rather than Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Bailey presents the idea of the Healing Circles to provide what traumatized children need most: Safety, basic needs, and structure Family gatherings that create identity and foster a sense of belonging Clear rules, authority agreements and non-toxic relationships These Healing Circles provide a protective structure that becomes the container for joy, empathy, and love, a powerful combination for delivering hope and healing to children of trauma. Bailey discusses the three key responsibilities of raising grandchildren in a high tech, high stress, unpredictable world: take care of yourself, un-break the hearts of your grandchildren, and re-wire their brains for success. Presenting easy-to-understand solutions, Courageous Love gives grandparents the tools and confidence they need to run this parenting marathon.


Author: Laura Montané Bailey, LMFT
Publisher: iUniverse LLC, 2013
Format: Book, paperback, 315 pages

Grandma Goes to Court
A Curriculum for Kincare Providers

Video and curriculum demonstrate the court process, as it relates to children in the Child Welfare Services system being cared for by relatives.

Produced by: CA Community College Chancellor's Office Foster Kinship Care Education Program in cooperation with CASA and Lake Tahoe Community College.
Format: Video of curriculum vignettes and CD-Rom with Curriculum
The roles and responsibilities of the traditional grandparents have changed drastically over the last several years. This program employs a research-based model that gives grandparents proven, practical strategies to assist them in dealing with the many challenges they will face in raising their grandchildren.

Author: United Learning
Publisher: United Learning, 2000
Format: 1 Video cassette, 27 minutes; 1 Guide, 32 pages
Grandparenting with Love and Logic
Grandparents and their roles have changed! Grandparents now find themselves doing everything from stabilizing families during divorce to filling the roles of "Mom" and "Dad."

For each unique situation, parenting experts Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., guide grandparents in developing and nurturing enjoyable, fulfilling relationships with both children and grandchildren - while helping their grandchildren grow into conscientious, caring young people.

Author: Jim Fay Foster Cline, M.D.
Publisher: The Love Logic Press, 1994
Format: Book, paperback, 286 pages
Grandparents as Parents
A Survival Guide for Raising a Second Family

Provides encouragement and fact-filled advice for raising a new generation . . . for grandparents who find their lives changed, their finances challenged, and their parenting techniques antiquated.

Author: Sylvie de Toledo Deborah Edler Brown
Publisher: The Guilford Press, 1995
Format: Book, paperback, 275 pages
Grandparents as Parents
In this revealing new video, real grandparents talk about the challenges of becoming the primary caretakers of their grandchildren. They discuss issues such as why they decided to parent their grandchildren, how they've adapted their parenting styles for a new generation, and the importance of finding support. They also provide insight into how to handle challenges such as legal issues and dealing with their grandchildren's biological parents.

Publisher: Active Parenting Publishing, 2008
Format: DVD, 28 minutes
Kinship Caregivers Forum 2001
No description available at this time.

Format: Video, unknown running time
Raising Our Children`s Children
This book explores the challenges, hardships, and rewards faced by grandparents parenting their grandchildren. The issues are interwoven with compelling stories from families who have been there.

Author: Deborah Doucette-Dudman
Publisher: Fairview Press, 1996
Format: Book, paperback, 237 pages
Second Time Around
Help for Grandparents who Raise their Children`s Kids

A hands-on, how-to book of solid parenting skills for grandparents who accept the responsibility of raising their grandchildren.

Author: Joan Callander
Publisher: Book Partners, Inc., 1999
Format: Book, paperback, 160 pages
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