101 Things Every Kid Should Do Growing Up
Childhood is a magical time of newfound joys and enriching experience. The gifts our children are given today will last a lifetime. Every child should have the opportunity to share a common interest or hobby with a parent or other adult. It's important to spend time with your child, to share an experience equally. Whenever you do something with a child, have fun and enjoy making the most out of each other; after all, you're building a childhood!

This book provides lots of ideas on fun things to do with children -- things every child should experience, from believing in things they cannot see to making a meal for the family, from seeing the ocean to going to a museum.

Author: Alecia T. Devantier
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc., 2002
Format: Book, hard cover, 271 pages)
Against All Odds
How do children who face tremendous obstacles find the determination, strength and skills to achieve? And what can parents and educators do to help nurture the resiliency in our own kids?

Watch Against All Odds with your children to learn about and discuss the qualities it takes for young people to succeed. Hear from experts about the best ways to support your kids and keep their resiliency alive. And understand the pressures kids face, and how your children can overcome them.

Produced by: Connect with Kids Network, Inc., 2005
Format: DVD, unknown running time
Beginning the Journey: Baby`s First Year
This video provides a roadmap for parents and caregivers to help them understand a baby`s first 12 months of life. Included in this presentation is the identification of key developmental issues, with specific regard to the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth an infant undergoes during his or her first year. Interviews with experts in the field of child development help to further educate the viewer on how to successfully navigate through this critical time in a child`s life.

Producer: A Meridian Production, 2001
Format: DVD, 20-minute running time
Beginning the Journey: Prenatal Development
Research shows that our development in the womb can have a profound influence on our later lives. This video examines the nine months beginning with conception and ending with the birth of a healthy baby - the period of time called prenatal development. In addition, this video contains information on the major physical milestones during pregnancy, emphasizing the importance of the expectant mother`s health, nutrition, and care and describing the proper development of the baby. It also shares what mothers-to-be can look forward to during these crucial months. Proper prenatal care provides a healthy start and is essential to the entire process of human development.

Producer: A Meridian Production,2001
Format: DVD, 21-minute running time
Beginning the Journey: The Child from 1 to 3
The transition from infant to toddler is a dramatic one. As physical, emotional, and social skills develop at this important time, parents and caregivers alike need to be aware of the important role that they play during the growth process. This video offers an easy-to-follow guided tour through a developing child`s early years of life. Advice from experts in the childcare field provides additional insight into this formative period of human development.

Producer: A Meridian Production, 2001
Format: DVD, 20-minute running time
Beginning the Journey: The Child from 4 to 6
Experts agree that the ways in which we develop in childhood have a strong effect on our later lives. This video depicts child development from the ages of 4 to 6, the years in which a child practices and fine-tunes motor skills and coordination, tests physical abilities, and experiences the onset of demanding physical, emotional, and social changes and challenges. Included is the first year of school, in which children must adjust to a new environment that should encourage, inspire, and direct their intellectual development. The influence of parents and caregivers is all-important during these early years in order for a child to successfully reach his or her developmental milestones.

Producer: A Meridian Production, 2001
Format: DVD, 22-minute running time
Beginning the Journey: The Child from 7 to 12
Although children 7 to 12 still need their physical safety and health protected, they also require strong role models, boundaries, and positive feedback to develop fully. This video will take the viewer through two stages: (1) middle childhood, when children build on what they learned in early childhood, and (2) early adolescence, when children begin to undergo the changes associated with puberty. During these years, children typically pull away from the family unit and pay more attention to peers. While the influence of adults may seem less important than during earlier periods, it is still vital that parents and caregivers learn to monitor and better understand each of the stages a child undergoes at this time.

Producer: A Meridian Production, 2001
Format: DVD, 20-minute running time
Building Emotional Intelligence
Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children

What's the most important piece of your child's educational program? If you think it's math, science, or grammar, you might be overlooking an element that is fast becoming essential in today's stressful world: cultivating inner resiliency.  In Building Emotional Intelligence, pioneering educator Linda Lantieri joins forces with internationally renowned psychologist Daniel Goleman to offer a breakthrough guide for helping children quiet their minds, calm their bodies, and identify and manage their emotions. Now available to the public for the first time, here are Lantieri's proven techniques arranged according to age group, complemented by a spoken-word CD with exercises presented by Goleman. We need a new vision of education that includes the mind and the heart, says Lantieri. With Building Emotional Intelligence, parents, teachers, and caregivers have the tools necessary to help build these invaluable skills in the children they raise.

Author: Linda Lantieri; Introduction and Guided Practices by Daniel Goleman
Publisher: Sounds True, 2008
Format: Book, hard cover, 155 pages
By the Ages
Behavior Development of Children Pre-Birth through Eight

This easy-to-use tool for evaluating developmental milestones, growth patterns, daily routines, and activities offers a guide to a child`s development from birth through age eight. Also covered is basic knowledge of age-appropriate developmental expectations and the learning experiences that can be provided at each stage of development. Other feature include alerts, activity descriptions, tips for special-needs children, effects of prenatal drugs or alcohol, and more.

Authors: K. Eileen Allen Lynn R. Marotz
Publisher: Delmar Thomas Learning, 2000
Format: Book, paperback, 216 pages)
Child Development: The First Two Years
A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Child`s Physical and Mental Development

Raising a child is an exciting experience that can seem overwhelming. This Video Guide, designed especially for all parents and other caregivers with the assistance of leading childhood authorities, will help give you the confidence to face this immense challenge, and assure that your child has the chance to benefit from the fullest and most supportive early care and guidance.

You will see babies just like yours involved in everyday activities. Their developmental periods are divided into 0 - 3 months, 3 - 6 months, 6 - 12 months, and 12 - 24 months to make understanding and application easy for you.

Publisher: V.I.E.W., Inc., 1993
Format: Video, 47 minutes
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