1001 Great Ideas
For Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Parents and professionals can now bypass countless hours spent seeking answers to the mystifying day-to-day challenges of autism. In a snappy, can-do format, this insightful book offers page after page of try-it-now solutions that have worked for thousands of children grappling with social, sensory, behavioral, and self-care issues, plus many more.

Authors: Ellen Notbohm and Veronica Zysk
Publisher: Future Horizons, 2004
Format: Book, paperback, 218 pages
A Mind Apart
Understanding Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

How do you know if your child is happy or sad, tired or hungry, when all he wants to talk about is wasps--or the color of subway train doors? What can you do to reassure a nine-year-old who asks questions about death hundreds of times in a day? And how can you build a nurturing relationship when your little girl hates to be touched?

Questions like these make parenting a child with autism or Asperger syndrome (AS) a journey through uncharted terrain. That's why understanding how kids with these disorders actually think and feel--and the striking ways in which their minds work differently from those of typical children--is so important. Through moving stories of children he has worked with, Dr. Peter Szatmari helps you see the world through your child's eyes. Revealed is what lies behind the intense preoccupations, communication problems, and seeming lack of affection that often accompany autism and AS, and what your child's mystifying behavior might really be trying to tell you. This compassionate book shows how gaining a better sense of your child's experience can deepen the bonds that support learning and growth--and help you lead the way toward a happier future.

Author: Perter Szatmari, MD
Publisher: The Guilford Press, 2004
Format: Book, paperback, 188 pages
A Parent`s Guide to Autism
Answers to the Most Common Questions

Presented in a question and answer format, addresses: symptoms and types of Autism; possible causes; therapy options, treatment alternatives; facilitated communication, and choosing a school.

Author: Charles A. Hart
Publisher: Pocket Books, 1993
Format: Book, paperback, 236 pages
A Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies
For Individuals with Autism

This book delivers exactly what it promises - a treasure chest of behavior change strategies. It's packed with easy-to-implement techniques that teachers, parents, and therapists can use to deal with the often challenging behaviors exhibited by people with autism.

Initial chapters explain why individuals with autism behave differently and how communication problems, sensory issues, and physiological needs affect their behavior. Subsequent chapters tell you how to respond to social and emotional issues, structure the environment for success, increase desired behaviors, decrease unwanted behaviors, and manage crises, including aggression, temper tantrums, self-stimulation, running away, sleep problems, and much more. Final chapters explain how to create a behavior intervention plan and how to avoid common mistakes in implementing it. Appendices present sample plans, data collection forms, and a useful resource list.

Authors: Beth Fouse, PhD, and Maria Wheller, MEd
Publisher: Future Horizons, 2005
Format: Book, paperback, 448 pages
A Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies

For Individuals With Autism

In this insightful Presentation, Maria Wheeler describes in detail what challenging behavior looks and sounds like- including meltdowns, anxiety and panic attacks, and inappropriate sexual behavior- and provides easy-to-understand, easy-to-use strategies. This DVD is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and other professionals working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. 

Featuring: Maria Wheeler
Produced by: Future Horizons
Format: DVD, ​unknown running time

Asperger Syndrome
A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Dr. Tony Attwood is a Clinical Psychologist who has specialized in autism for over 20 years. He is a practicing clinical psychologist with special interest in early diagnosis, severe challenging behavior and Asperger Syndrome. As he covers the theory of mind of those with this challenge, he broadens our understanding of these unique individuals. This presentation was given to audiences in Nashville, Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle. In all cities, attendees were unanimous in their appreciation for the quality of his ideas.

Featuring: Dr. Tony Attwood
Producer: Future Horizons, Inc., 2004
Format: DVD, 3 Hours running time
Asperger Syndrome
Living Outside the Bell Curve

In recent years schools have seen a marked increase of diagnoses of Asperger Syndrome. This video looks at Asperger students in general and focuses in on 12-year-old Andrew. Dr. Tina Iyama explains the causes of, symptoms of, and strategies for coping with Asperger Syndrome.

Author: IEP Resources
Publisher: Attainment Company, Inc., 2001
Format: 1 Video cassette, 18 minutes
Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments
Written for parents and professionals, this text offers practical solutions to the day-to-day challenges facing individuals with Asperger Syndrome, and their families. The book discusses how to deal with tantrums, meltdowns and difficult behavior. Topics covered include: the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome and their impact on behavior, stages of the meltdown cycle, the role of antecedent behaviors, functional assessment, strategies promoting social skills development, including self-awareness, self-calming and self-management, solutions for parents, including organization and support, and daily routines. The book's main focus is on various stages of the meltdown cycle and functional analysis as a means of determining why behaviors occur.

Authors: Brenda Smith Myles and Jack Southwick
Publisher: Autism Asperger Publishing Co., 2005 (Revised and Expanded Edition)
Format: Book, paperback, 158 pages
Asperger Syndrome and Your Child
A Parent's Guide -- Unlocking Your Child's Potential

Asperger's Syndrome and Your Child, an informative, empathetic, and comprehensive guide to this elusive condition, answers the most common questions and offers an encouraging outlook for your child's future. Dr. Michael Powers weaves together a compassionate account of everything related to AS, offering such practical advice from getting the right diagnosis to helping your child develop social skills. Infused with voices of real children who offer insights about their own conditions, the book gives perspective on how children live with the disorder. Asperger Syndrome and Your Child is an indispensable book for parents as well as teachers and other professionals who have someone with Asperger Syndrome in their lives.

Author: Michael D. Powers, PsyD, with Janet Poland
Publisher: Quill, A Harper Resource Book, 2003
Format: Book, paperback, 251 pages
The Child Who Couldn't Play

This program is a comprehensive overview of autism, the mysterious disorder that impedes normal child development. It was once believed that autism was caused by remote, cold parents; most often the mother was blamed. The program explores the frontiers of our understanding of autism, which today is recognized as a partly genetic biological disorder. We visit the Princeton Child Development Institute and see the results of the Institute’s highly successful science-based approach to autism, which has attracted professionals from around the world.

Publisher: Films for the Humanities Sciences, 1996
Format: Video, 46 minutes
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