Ornamental Horticulture 

Students studying in the area of Ornamental Horticulture will be prepared for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of Horticulture. Students completing courses in this area will have a foundation for the fields of plant health, identification, sales, and marketing through the study of the propagation, cultural care and sales of ornamental plants in a nursery setting. 

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Fernando Fernandez
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Plant Propagators, Greenhouse Managers, Nursery Foremen, Pesticide Applicators, Floral Designer, Cut Flower Grower

Information on required classes:

OH 001 Basic Ornamental Horticulture 
This is an introductory course in ornamental horticulture. The main topics covered in class include: introduction to the ornamental horticulture field and related employment opportunities, introduction to plant taxonomy, plant anatomy and physiology, environmental requirements for plant growth and development, basic plant propagation techniques, integrated pest management, and the fundamentals of soil, water and fertilizers. Students learn how the ornamental horticulture industry applies and utilizes this knowledge at a practical level, and how new knowledge is acquired through experimental research employing the scientific method.

OH 220 Diseases of Ornamentals 
A course on the diagnosis, analysis and management of plant diseases. Principles of controlling diseases including biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, and chemical. Pesticide safety, formulation, and methods of application are presented. This course is an integral part of the Ornamental Horticulture program intended for two-year or transfer students and preparing for Pest Control Advisor's license. 
OH 222 Pests of Ornamentals
This course covers the elements of identification and management of economically important arthropod pests and beneficials of landscapes and nursery ornamental plants. Principles of controlling pests including biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, and chemical are discussed. Pesticide safety, formulations, and methods of application are presented. It helps students prepare for the pest control advisor’s examination. Advisory on Recommended Preparation:

OH 204 Nursery & Greenhouse Production
This course provides an historical overview of the nursery industry. It covers the basic operation activities and practices of commercial nurseries. Students receive practical experience in various aspects of the nursery industry including: propagating, fertilizing, training, pruning, transplanting, potting, irrigating, marketing, selling, and controlling pests and diseases. Emphasis is on ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowering annuals and perennials. Advisory on Recommended Preparation
OH 111 Floral Design 
An introductory course in commercial floral design that covers the various phases of floral design. Through floral design, students shall develop an awareness of ways in which people throughout the ages and in different cultures have used floral arrangements to enhance their lives through artistic expression. Materials and design as they relate to cultural practices will be integral to this course. 


For a full list of classes and specific requirements, see the COS online Catalog​

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