Dairy Science

This area of study prepares students for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of dairy management and production. Dairy Science students will have a foundation for the field of list field through the study of dairy nutrition and reproduction, breeding and selection of quality cattle and computer applications in dairy production and will acquire skills and knowledge necessary for reediness to assist in the management of modern dairy operation.
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Kim Pitigliano
(559) 688-3117

Where do you see yourself?
Dairy Breeding Assistant, Dairy Feeder, Dairy Cattle Handler, Feed Sales and Service, Pharmaceutical Sales, Dairy Nutrition Assistant, Commodities Broker, dairy Processing Facility, DHIA Technician, Calf Ranch Owner, Dairy Owner

Information on required classes

DSCI 101 Introduction to Dairy Science
This introductory course to dairy science shall include the theory and concepts of dairy animal selection, culling, fitting, and showing. Interpretation of pedigrees and the fundamentals of bovine reproduction shall be covered. The basic premise of dairy management skills and an overview of the California dairy industry will be covered. 

DSCI 103 Commercial Dairy Herd Mgt.
DSCI 103 is a part of the Dairy Science curriculum at COS. the course is designed to give students a broad basis for decision-making in commercial dairy operations. Cost of production, herd health, milk pricing, and use of computer programs makes this course very important for students preparing for a career in the dairy industry. 

DSCI 104 Breed/Select of Dairy Cattle
Instruction in the theory and interpretation of elements used in the selection and evaluation of dairy breed of cattle shall be the main emphasis of this course. Concepts and abstracts used for quality grading of animals shall be emphasized. The theory of insemination, embryo transplantation, gender selection practices and gene splicing shall be covered as it relates to quality criteria. 

DSCI 108 Dairy Nutrition
This course is designed to give students an in depth study of dairy cattle nutrition. Nutrient requirements of dairy cattle, commodity feeding, ration formulation and feeding systems will be discussed. Computer application of ration formulation will be used, along with spreadsheets to project feed inventories and usage. 



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