these programs are designed for students who seek a certificate, degree or transfer program in the Dairy Sciences field. The coursework provides the fundamentals for entry-level job skills in dairy management as well as providing degree-applicable units for the Associate in Science degree with a major in Dairy Science and Dairy Food Processing. Many dairy courses transfer to four-year universities and are required lower-division classes. The COS Dairy Science Certificate/Degree major provides a framework for students interested in dairy and related industries.


    Some of the jobs that are available in this field include


    Milk Tester

    Lab Technician


    Semen Salesman







Courses in this area of study include:

Dairy Science Specialty:

DSCI 101: Introduction to Dairy Science

DSCI 102: Principles/Milk Production

DSCI 103: Commercial Dairy Herd Management

DSCI 104: Breed/Select of Dairy Cattle

DSCI 105AD: Dairy Cattle Judge/Selection

DSCI 108: Dairy Nutrition


Dairy Foods Specialty:

DPTI 120: General Dairy Manufacturing

DPTI 125: Dairy Foods Evaluation



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