The Animal Science program is designed for students whose major interest is in working with farm food animals and/or horses. Students work on the college's farm laboratory, combining practical experience with technical knowledge in the beef cattle, equine, sheep, and swine units.  


Some of the jobs that are available in this field include

Vocational Agriculture Teachers

Animal Nutritionists

Animal Health Technicians

Meat Inspectors

Plant Managers


Course in this area of study include:

ASCI 001: Intro to Animal Science

ASCI 002AB: Livestock Selection/Evaluation

ASCI 101AD: Livestock Management Skills

ASCI 103: Animal Nutrition

ASCI 104: Animal Diseases & Sanitation

ASCI 105AD: Preparing Livestock Sales/Show

ASCI 110: Swine Production & Management

ASCI 111: Beef Production & Management

ASCI 112: Sheep Production & Management

ASCI 113: Farm Animal Biology


Equine Specialty courses:

ASCI 022: Horse Husbandry

ASCI 093AD: Physical Ed for the Equestrian

ASCI 120AD: Basic Equitation

ASCI 123: Horse Production

ASCI 124AD: Colt Breaking

ASCI 130: Equine Evaluation


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