Animal Science

The Animal Science program prepares students for the entry-level employment in the field of Animal Science. Students in this area of study will acquire​ skills and knowledge in basic animal science practices such as animal restraint, veterinary terminology, basic animal health, care, nutrition, and livestock reproduction.




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Russell McKeith
(559) 688-3136

Where do you see yourself?
Animal Health Technician, Meat Inspectors and/or Grader, Animal Well-Being, Animal Health Product Sales, Animal Inspection, Consulting, Extension, Livestock Marketing, Livestock Production, Livestock Procurement
Information on required classes : 
ASCI 001 Intro to Animal Science
This course surveys the livestock industry, supply of animal products and their uses and analyzes economic trends and career opportunities in animal agriculture. Special emphasis is on the origin, characteristics, adaptation and contributions of farm animals to the agriculture industry. 
ASCI 002 Livestock Selection/Evaluation
Detailed analysis of various visual and physical methods of appraising beef, sheep, swine and horses concerning functional and economic value. Written and oral summaries of evaluation will be learned. Specific reference will be made to performance data and factors determining carcass value.
ASCI 103 Animal Nutrition
In this course, the theories and fundamentals of digestion and absorption in both ruminants and non-ruminants are discussed. The nutritive value of feeds as they relate to formulation of livestock rations is emphasized.
ASCI 104 Animal Diseases & Sanitation
Study of common livestock diseases and fundamentals of immunity; includes the livestock technician’s role in promoting animal health and the foundation of disease control programs.


For a full list of classes and specific requirements​, see the COS online Catalog​​​

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