Agriculture Business Management 

This area of study prepares students for entry-level employment and/or potential further study in the field of Agriculture Management. Students completing this certificate will have a foundation for the field of animal and plant sciences as well as agriculture management principles and practices through the study of sales and service, marketing, accounting, and computer applications in agriculture and will acquire skills in these areas as well as practical application in marketing, data evaluation, farm management and accounting.

Degrees & Certificates:

Agricultural Business Management - Not for Transfer (AS)

Agricultural Business Management - Certificate of Achievement





Program Contact Information: 
Shannan Cooper
(559) 688-3118

Where do  you see yourself?
Farm manager, Accounting, Banks & Financial Services, Crop & Livestock Marketing & Production, Farm & Agricultural Advisers, Farm Input Supply Firms, International Trade, Law, Processing Firms, Public Policy, Wholesaler & Retailer of Food & Fiber

Information on classes you might take:

AGMT 001 Agriculture Economics
This course covers economic principles of resource allocation; production costs analysis; and market price equilibrium with primary application to the agricultural sector; supply and demand in commodity pricing; survey of agricultural credit; marketing and policy issues.

AGMT 103 Intro to Ag Management
This course is designed to give students a basic understanding and knowledge of management principles and the process as it relates to agriculture. Management techniques used will address personnel issues, organizational structure and managerial styles used in business today. 

AGMT 104 Agriculture Accounting
Principles of agricultural accounting systems, types of records, their use/how to compute/use measures of earnings and costs of production to improve agribusiness efficiency. Also included are farm income tax Social Security and employee payroll records.

AGMT 108 Ag Business Computer Apps
This course is an introduction to Microsoft​ Office Pro and other various PC computer software applications used in agriculture business. 

​​​​​For a full list of classes and specific requirements​, see the COS online Catalog​​​​​​​​

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