As a College of the Sequoias AGRICULTURE BUSINESS student, you will be provided the background you need to succeed in the business, sales and services, finance, marketing, manufacturing, public relations, management, and advertising aspects of the agriculture industry.


Most jobs associated with Ag are for people who are indirectly involved with the industry, but according to the University of California , a major employer and revenue generator in the state, agriculture accounts for 1.1 million jobs and more than $60 billion in personal income.


Examples of positions available in this field include Farm ManagerFarm Accountant, Ag Sales and Marketing and Agriculture Bookkeeper 


Course in this area of study:

AGMT 001: Agriculture Economics 

AGMT 102: Ag Sales and Marketing

AGMT 103: Intro to Ag Management

AGMT 104: Agriculture Accounting

AGMT 107: Agriculture Communications

AGMT 108AB: Intro to Ag Computer Applications

AGMT 110: Agriculture Finance

AGMT 111: Food and Fiber Distribution

AGMT 112: Agriculture Real Estate and Appraisal

AGMT 181: Agriculture Entrepreneurship




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