Program Review

Note:  Program Review is being merged with the TracDat Software platform and is undergoing revisions.  Although the below context is accurate, a new annual program review cycle is anticipated to be in use by Spring 2014.
Comprehensive Program Reviews are on a 6-year cycle from all areas of the District, with each program completing a bi-annual update. Comprehensive and bi-annual Program Reviews are evaluated by the Institutional Program Review Committee (IPRC) every year (or as appropriate), and are awarded either a “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” assessment. If any program receives an “unsatisfactory” assessment by the IPRC, that program is prohibited from requesting any and all above-base budget funding for: personnel (staff, administrative and faculty), instructional equipment, non-instructional equipment, facilities, and technology, for at least that academic year or until such time as their review is assessed as “satisfactory” in a subsequent year.

The IPRC is a sub-committee of the Academic Senate and is comprised of 12 representatives from Academic Services, Administrative Services, and Student Services.
As part of its own reflection and assessment process the IPRC annually revises the format and process for program review. This year the results of that assessment and input from district programs, the IPRC is streamlining the process, and has implemented the 6-year cycle for comprehensive reviews, and bi-annual updates.

Last Updated: 7/15/2014 8:47 AM