District Governance Senate

The District Governance Senate is a governance and consultative body that represents all District constituents. The District Governance Senate adheres to the processes and structures which are defined in the College of the Sequoias Governance and Decision-Making Manual, and upholds the "Principles of Participatory Governance" as described in the manual.

The approach to governance and decision-making for the District is based on a partnership among Board members, faculty, staff, administration, and students. In this partnership, all constituent group members are committed to the best interests of our students and are unified by a collective, shared vision that student success is the goal of everyone's work within the District. This partnership relies on the active involvement of those affected by the decisions working together in an environment of cooperation and trust.

District Governance Senate Bylaws​


 Upcoming Meetings

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 DGS Bylaws 10.8.13.pdf
 2010-11 Budget Scenarios 011011.doc
Background Information
 AP 4228 - W Repeats.doc
 Prioritized Instructional Equipment Requests.doc
 Foothill Segmention Study Fall 2002.ppt
 Prioritized Technology Requests.doc
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​Past Meetings

Selected 5/8/2018
Normal 4/24/2018
Normal 4/10/2018
Normal 3/13/2018
Normal 2/27/2018
Normal 2/13/2018
Normal 1/23/2018
Normal 12/12/2017
Normal 11/28/2017
Normal 11/14/2017
Normal 10/24/2017
Normal 10/10/2017
Normal 9/26/2017
Normal 9/12/2017
Normal 8/22/2017

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​Governance Annual Reports
Inst Program Review Cmte
  IPRC Mid-year report 2017.pdf
  IPRC Year End Report 2014-2015.pdf
  Institutional Program Review Committee-Annual Report 2013-14.pdf
District Governance Senate
  IPRC End of Year Report 2017_2018.pdfNew
  2017-18 Above Base Survey Results.pdf
  Budget Committee - Goverance Survey Results 2018.pdf
  District Governance Senate Survey Results 2018.pdf
  IPRC Mid Year Committee_Council_Senate Report 2017-18.pdf
  IPRC End of Year Trac Dat Report 2017.pdf
  Budget EOY Report 2017.pdf
  IPRC Mid-year report 2017.pdf
  2016-17 Budget Committee Mid-Year Report.pdf
  IPRC End of Year Report TRAC DAT 2015.2016.pdf
  IPRC End of Year Report 2015.2016.docx
  Budget Year-End Report.pdf
  Technology Committee Mid Year 15-16.pdf
  budget committee YE report May 2015.pdf
  IPRC Year End Report 2014-2015.pdf
  Annual Report on the Technology Plan 2014-15.pdf
  IPEC 14_15 Midyear report.pdf
  Budget Committee mid year report Jan 2015.pdf
  IPRC Mid year assessment 2015.pdf
  District Governance Senate-Annual Report 2013-14.pdf
  Budget Committee Year-end evaluation summary 2014.pdf
  IPEC Unit Assessment Report - 2013-14.pdf
  Technology Committee end of year report 2013-14.pdf
  IPRC Assessment Report 2014.pdf
  Budget Committee Mid Year Report 2013-14.pdf
  Technology Committee Mid-Year Report 2013-14.pdf
Budget Committee
  Budget Committee-Annual Report 2013-14.pdf
Inst Planning & Effectiveness
  MidYear IPEC Report 2016-17.pdf
  2015-2016 IPEC mid-year report.2.pdf
  Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee-Annual Report 2013-14.pdf
Technology Committee
  College of the Sequoias Annual Report on the Technology Plan 2016.pdf
  Technology Committee-Annual Report 2013-14.pdf
 2017-18 Above Base Survey Results.pdf
Governance Annual Report
 5-8-18 DGS agenda.pdf
 6540 BP - Insurance draft rev 2017.docx
Background Information
 BP 1100 - District Name.docx
Background Information
 Budget Committee - Goverance Survey Results 2018.pdf
Governance Annual Report
 Budget Standing Report 5.8.18.pdf
 District Governance Senate Survey Results 2018.pdf
Governance Annual Report
 IPRC End of Year Report 2017_2018.pdf
Governance Annual Report
 IPRC Standing Report 5.8.18.pdf
 ISER 5.4.18.pdf
Background Information
 Joint Initiative Planning Council.pdf
Background Information
 Technology Standing Report 5-8-2018.pdf
​Task Forces
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​District Governance Senate Members
<div><b>Brent Calvin</b></div>
Student Services
VP, Student Services
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3755</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Brent Davis</b></div>
Associate Dean/Athletic Dir
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3912</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Carolyn Franco</b></div>
Student Ser Specialist-EOPS
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>6142</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Christine Statton</b></div>
Administrative Services
VP, Administrative Services
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3734</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>David Hurst</b></div>
Language Arts
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>6118</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Donald Nikkel</b></div>
Social Sciences
Social Science
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>5423</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Glen Profeta</b></div>
Technology Services
Dean, Technology Services
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3843</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Greg Turner</b></div>
Language Arts
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3909</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Jennifer Vega La Serna</b></div>
Academic Services
VP, Academic Services
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3823</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>John Bratsch</b></div>
Human Resources
Dean, HRS/Legal Affairs
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3830</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Jonna Schengel</b></div>
Allied Health
Associate Deanl/Alld Hlth Dir
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>6265</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Juan Arzola</b></div>
Social Sciences
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3951</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Juan Vazquez</b></div>
Director, Student Services
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>6176</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Mayra Diaz</b></div>
Student Success Coordinator
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>6287</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Meghan Tierce</b></div>
Executive Administrative Asst
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3745</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Stan Carrizosa</b></div>
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3745</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Stephen Meier</b></div>
Technology Services
System Administrator
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>6210</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Steve Lamar</b></div>
Fine Arts
Theatre Technician
<div><nobr>(559) 730-<span style='color:green'>3822</span></nobr></div>
<div><b>Tracy Redden</b></div>
<div><nobr>(559) 737-<span style='color:green'>4859</span></nobr></div>
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