COS Vision Statement

The entire College of the Sequoias community works in an environment of mutual respect to realize the following vision:
  1. COS students achieve their full educational potential. The college strives to provide an educational pathway for every student with regard to background, disability, location, culture, learning modality, and preconceived time frames.

  2. COS promotes an environment that creates a positive attitude among COS employees that carries over to the students and into the community.

  3. COS is a community leader whose contributions positively impact the lives of the population it serves.

  4. Educational programs at COS are aligned to meet the constantly emerging economic and workforce development needs of the community through partnerships with business, government, industry and labor.

 COS Board Priorities

  1. Continue efforts to achieve official Center Status for COS Hanford Educational Center in 2015 with regular progress reports to the Board. Est. 2010, updated 2015.

  2. Continue efforts to strengthen the COS Agriculture program including, but not limited to, appropriate additions to staffing, update/revise curriculum, strengthen Student Learning Outcomes and Unit-level annual Program Review, and continue to align all aspects of the program with District Objectives for increased student achievement and program accountability. Est. 2012, updated 2015.

  3. Continue to monitor the Tulare JUHSD Agriculture program's facilities and program planning process and any interest they may express to have a presence on the COS Tulare Center campus. Est. 2012, updated 2015.

  4. Ensure fiscal stability and strive to achieve a 10% General Fund reserve over the next three years (2013-2016). Est. 2012, updated 2015.

  5. Continue Board involvement in preserving District solvency through regularly scheduled representative participation in the Board Budget Sub-Committee and ongoing Reports to the Board on the COS Fiscal Plan (FP). Est. 2012, updated 2015.

  6. Memorialize plans through Board resolution in spring 2015 to retire debt from the Bond Anticipation Notes acquired to complete Measure J construction of the COS Tulare College Center. Est. 2012, updated 2015.

  7. Implement proposed plan to remove the mold from the Live Oak Building on the Visalia Campus. Future use of the building is not determined at this time. Est. 2012, updated 2015.

  8. Collaborate with City of Visalia officials to review entire area surrounding COS Visalia campus. Develop proposals for Board consideration to maximize use of the Mooney parking lot across from the Visalia campus and present options for Board consideration in 2015-16. Est. 2012, updated 2015.

  9. Increase strategies to promote College of the Sequoias educational programs/opportunities to K-12 districts and high schools throughout our district and conduct an annual Report to the Board. Est. 2013, updated 2015.

  10. ​Board will assure that the Annual College Report on the Master Plan illustrates student success data reflecting clearly stated annual comparative numbers/ percentages/ measures for each District Objective. Est. 2014, updated 2015.

  11. Work diligently through the due process of collective bargaining and labor relation laws, to achieve employee contract agreements that are mutually beneficial for employees, students, the District and that serve the overall best interest of our COS Vision and College community. Est. 2013, update 2015.​
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