COS Vision Statement

The entire College of the Sequoias community works in an environment of mutual respect to realize the following vision:
  1. COS students achieve their full educational potential. The college strives to provide an educational pathway for every student with regard to background, disability, location, culture, learning modality, and preconceived time frames.

  2. COS promotes an environment that creates a positive attitude among COS employees that carries over to the students and into the community.

  3. COS is a community leader whose contributions positively impact the lives of the population it serves.

  4. Educational programs at COS are aligned to meet the constantly emerging economic and workforce development needs of the community through partnerships with business, government, industry and labor.

 COS Board Priorities

  1. Sustain efforts to maintain required enrollment/FTES to continue eligibility for revenue augmentation at the COS Hanford Educational Center and COS Tulare College Center. Explore and analyze appropriate strategies to achieve the required FTES to earn state designation of mid-size college in 2017-18. Est. 2016, updated 2017.

  2. Continue efforts to strengthen the COS Agriculture program including planning for future productivity of Farm Operations acreage and visioning future changes in Agriculture instruction and programs. Conduct an assessment/inventory and analysis of the Veterinary Technology facilities, including options for possible alternative uses, and present findings to the COS Board of Trustees. Est. 2010, updated 2017.

  3. Ensure fiscal stability and strive to achieve a General Fund reserve consistent with current average (22%) for community colleges statewide. Est. 2012, updated 2017.

  4. Work diligently through the due process of collective bargaining and labor relation laws to achieve employee contract agreements that are mutually beneficial for employees, students, the District, and that support the overall best interest of our COS Vision and College community. Direct staff to develop a study of employee total compensation from comparable districts in our region to help inform the negotiations process. Est. 2013, updated 2016.​

  5. Study options and present recommendations to refinance eligible General Obligation Bonds currently held by our district for the purpose of providing annual cost savings to taxpayers. Est. 2017.
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