2013-2014 FEC Calendars

September 2013 FLEX calendar.docSeptember 2013 FLEX calendar.doc

2012-2013 FEC Calendars

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September 2012 FLEX calendar.docSeptember 2012 FLEX calendar.doc

October 2012 FLEX calendar.docOctober 2012 FLEX calendar.doc

November 2012 FLEX calendar.docNovember 2012 FLEX calendar.doc

February 2013 FLEX calendar.docFebruary 2013 FLEX calendar.doc

January 2013 FLEX calendar.docJanuary 2013 FLEX calendar.doc

March 2013 FLEX calendar.docMarch 2013 FLEX calendar.doc

April 2013 FLEX calendar.docApril 2013 FLEX calendar.doc

May 2013 FLEX calendar.docMay 2013 FLEX calendar.doc



FEC Tentative training topics for Fall 2013
Outcomes and assessment
Smart classrooms
Blackboard (chat tool, grade center, assignment feature, early warning system)
Film databases
What’s new in instructional technology
Creating active learning
Supporting students with basic skills
Effective syllabus and classroom management strategies
Supporting student reading skills
Responding to student work


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