2015-2016 Scholarships Awarded
 through the COS Foundation

$297,771 in scholarship awards
ranging from $100 to $15,000
Actual quotes from scholarship recipients
"You have helped me pay for my future and for that I am grateful. - Sterling

"(this scholarship) has provided me with renewed joy of knowing that other people truly care about my education as much as I do." - Victor
​"You have opened so many more doors in my life." - Dillan
"Rest assured, you invested in the right individual" - Horacio
"I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goal just as you have helped me." - Sherrill
"May (your donation) come back to you 100 times for your generosity." - Constance

"Your generous donation has not only given me and my family financial stability, but also confidence that I will be able to succeed as a student." Brooke


2014-2015 COS Projects Funded by the Foundation
Community resources put to work to better College of the Sequoias and support the students of COS.

Thanks to the support of donors throughout the District for the College of the Sequoias, the COS Foundation volunteers have allocated resources for some of the most pressing needs of the college. Each project funding decision was considered through a competitive application process that evaluated projects' alignment to the COS Strategic Plan Objectives and the overall benefit to the students of COS.​​
$209,509 Worth of Projects Funded
Capital Equip/Materials
Adjunct Faculty Computer Workstations
$         3,600
Curriculum Development Software Upgrade
$       10,000
COS Recording Arts Equipment Upgrade
$       13,394
Expand Library Print Collection at  all Three Campuses
 $       12,000
Patrol Vehicle for District Police
 $         8,000
DC Aluminum Welder
$         8,112
Capital Facilities
Tennis Court Resurfacing
 $       44,000
Portable Stage for District Functions
$       24,125
Program Sponsor
Arts & Lectures Series Support
$       15,000
COS President Scholars Program
$       20,000
Textbook Assistance for Foster Youth
$         2,400
COS Puente' Project Support
$         5,000
Smart Music Program for Music Students
$         2,978
Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival Participation
$         4,000
COS Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Program
$         3,000
Access to Higher Education Summit
$         1,000
Latino Youth Leadership Academy
$         2,000
Rape Aggression Defense Systems Training
 $         7,500
The Student-Athlete Mentor Program
 $       20,000
Student Field Trips
PTA Student Conclave Competition Transportation
$         1,700
PTA Student Legislative Day Trip to Sacramento
$         1,700


Recently Complete Projects

Tennis Court Resurfacing - $44,000

Campus Police Patrol Car - $8,000


More Resources Needed

With over $740,725 worth of requests submitted, there are plenty of viable projects in need of resources. Foundation volunteers and staff are hard at work to raise more and give more.


Community members interested in helping fund similar projects for COS can contact the COS Foundation Office at 559-730-3861 or may contribute online here:



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