The COS Foundation continues to direct gifts from the community directly to the students 
and to the College of Sequoias in ways that directly affect student success.

2016-2017 Scholarships Awarded
 through the COS Foundation

$385,671 in 431 scholarship awards
ranging from $100 to $15,000 and one car!

Actual quotes from scholarship recipients
"You have helped me pay for my future and for that I am grateful. - Sterling

"(this scholarship) has provided me with renewed joy of knowing that other people truly care about my education as much as I do." - Victor
​"You have opened so many more doors in my life." - Dillan
"Rest assured, you invested in the right individual" - Horacio
"I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goal just as you have helped me." - Sherrill
"May (your donation) come back to you 100 times for your generosity." - Constance

"Your generous donation has not only given me and my family financial stability, but also confidence that I will be able to succeed as a student." Brooke




2016-2017 COS Foundation Project Funding Summary

The COS Foundation volunteers and staff are pleased to announce the decision to provide $226,885 in project funding to the College of the Sequoias during the 2016-2017 school year.


More than $670,000 in worthy projects were considered in this process. There were new projects, existing projects requesting and additional year of funding and projects from the District’s own Above-base Request process.


Funded Project Detail


These new projects were supported by the volunteers through the COS Foundation’s application process. These projects are funded through the financial development and investment efforts of the COS Foundation:

Recently Complete Projects

Student Center - Visalia Campus Remodel - $30,000

New Piano Lab Teacher's Piano and Headphones - $14,540

 Tennis Court Resurfacing - $44,000

Campus Police Patrol Car - $8,000


More Resources Needed

With over $1.9 millon​ worth of requests submitted over the past three years, there are plenty of viable projects in need of resources. Foundation volunteers and staff are hard at work to raise more and give more.


Community members interested in helping fund similar projects for COS can contact the COS Foundation Office at 559-730-3861 or may contribute online here:



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