College of the Sequoias Teachers Association (COSTA)

 COSTA Contract

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 The aim of COSTA is to work with the Administration and the Board of Trustees in order to foster working conditions that will attract an outstanding faculty and allow the faculty to be most effective in the delivery of subject matter.  Our contract delineates our working conditions, and each new contract is negotiated between the Teachers Association and the Board. 


Officers 2012-2013

    Lisa Greer
    (559) 730-3742

 President Elect and Grievance Chair
    Ed Sense 
    (559) 730-6161

     Cynthia Johnson   
    (559) 730-3966

     Janell Spencer          
     (559) 730-3931

Benefits Chair 
     Paul Tidwell
     (559) 737-6187

      Kevin Piccuto 
      (559) 730-3936 

 Head Negotiator
       Jeff Basham      
        (550) 730-3950
Political Action Committee (PAC) Chair
       Stephen Natoli      
        (559)  730-3923

PAC Treasurer    
       Jesse Wilcoxson   
       (559) 730-3852 

        Meng Vang 
        (559) 730-3964









































































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