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Adjunct Office: 
The main adjunct workroom is Room 4 on the North Sequoia building first floor.  Giant Forest 204 (the Teaching and Learning Center, upstairs from the Bookstore) and Lodgepole 210 (Learning Resource Center) are also available workrooms, although occasional meetings are held in those areas. 

Contact your COSAFA representatives:

The aim of COSAFA is to work with the Administration and the Board of Trustees in order to foster working conditions that will attract an outstanding adjunct faculty and allow the adjunct faculty to be most effective in the delivery of subject matter.  Our contract delineates our working conditions, and each new contract is negotiated between the Adjunct Faculty Association and the Board. 

Affiliated with the
Communications Workers of America
P.O. Box 4443
2510 Channing Way, Suite 11
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 704-8783 (voice)
(510) 704-8065 (fax)

CWA Local 9119

Visalia Campus Mailbox:  COSAFA
Hanford Campus Mailbox:  COSAFA

President, COSAFA
    Brice Nakamura                      

Vice President, COSAFA 
 - interim
   Lucia Tejada                               

Secretary/Treasurer, COSAFA
vacant 9/2016

Executive Board Member at Large, COSAFA

     Tiffany Wainwright            
Don Nikkel                   
     Karen Erickson                 

District Governance Senate Representatives 
     Charles Slaght                   

Academic Senate Adjunct Faculty Representatives

     John Davis (POLS, PHIL) 
     Mark Fulmer (PSY)          

Faculty Enrichment Committee Adjunct Faculty Representative
Antoniette Aizon-Hubbell      

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